To avoid waiting, call us to arrange the installation of your new appliances as soon as you order them.

Our team of certified electricians is fully trained, skilled, and knowledgeable about the main brands on the market. We will fit them and connect them safely for you. After that, we will conduct safety checks. As we are Gas Safe registered, all safety tests can be carried out by any of our experts.

KAD Electricians will provide you with a certificate, to confirm all the work has been carried out to the highest standard. Safety and peace of mind are our values.

As long as it can be plugged and wired, we can install it for you. This list is not exhaustive but these are the most common demands:

  1. Integrated fridge freezers
  2. Cookers, hoods, hobs and ovens
  3. Waching machines and tumble dryers
  4. Dishwashers
  5. Smart applicances
  6. Air conditioners
  7. Televisions
  8. Wine Storage

Let’s keep you up and running

Broken and incorrectly installed appliances cause chaos. We rely on our electrical appliances literally for everything, and feel disorientated if they stop functioning. Our specialty is to repair or install them. Get it right from the start, this is us. We focus on your safety, providing you with a top-quality job for you to feel home again. Be careful with DIY and it could lead to a hazardous situation.

Any concerns or questions before going ahead?

Is fixed appliance testing a legal requirement for offices and buildings?

Fixed wire testing focuses on all the electrical installations in a building, to ensure a safe environment. Legally, this is part of employers responsibility to comply with workplace safety regulations, designed to protect the health and safety of employees and visitors.

Is an electrical installation certificate a legal requirement?

Obtaining an electricial installation certificate is a requirement regardless of the size of the installation. By law, an inspection needs to be done in order to check the conditions of your appliances, including switches and plugs.

How often should appliances be checked?

In an office, static equipment such as a server or fixed appliances should be tested every 5 years.

Everything else should be tested every 2 years at least. This is the case for computers for instance.

If you own a factory or a workshop, then the requirement is to check your appliances every year.

Finally, tools used on a building site should be tested every 3 months.

Do I need an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) for insurance and for renting?

You probably will. This report is an examination of all the electrical installation in your building, with details about their conditions. They became mandatory as part of the Electrical Safety Standards in the private rental sector regulations, in 2020.

Can I install my appliances myself?

You can install some of them. However, there are quite pricey, so to avoid damaging them, we highly recommend you to let our team take over. It is better forthe peace of ming, and you will also receive certificates, sometimes mandatory.