Pricing Table

At KAD Electricians, we value transparency. Therefore, we prepared a quick overview of our pricing policy. The prices displayed are just to give you a rough idea. They are based on the cost of materials and the time spent in carrying out the work. Please always contact us so we can adjust our quote depending on your needs and any further ideas we might have in between to make your project as top-quality as possible, especially for large jobs.

Our Rates

For each job, we charge a minimum of two-hour labour, payable at the time of the booking. This is to cover the journey and the work done within one hour. Materials need to be paid for. We provide fixed price quotes in a written agreement for each client.

If our electricians pay for parking, the cost will be reflected in the final invoice. Therefore, if you have a driveway private or free parking, please let us know so we can pass the information along. We will cover congestion charges. There won’t be ULEZ fees as our vans are compliant.

All our returning clients get a 10% discount.

Rates Per Hour


Daytime        From £85*          7 am to 6 pm      

Evening         From £120*      6 am to 10 pm    

Emergency      From £170*    10 am to 7 pm     

Week-Ends and Bank Holidays

Daytime       From £120*        7 am to 6 pm      

Evening        From £170*        6 am to 10 pm    

Emergency    From £200*      10 am to 7 pm     

​*Rates are subject to VAT

Our Policy

We reserve ourselves the right to decline work at our own discretion.

The client is responsible for booking an appointment due to a power loss.

Our invoice will contain enough details, so you will have full transparency over the breakdown (materials, labour, and parking). The minimum payment will be done over the phone at the booking time. The remaining payment must be made in full by card, cash, or bank transfer to our electrician upon receipt of the invoice, as soon as the job is completed.

The fixed price may still vary:

  • If extra work needs to be carried out and was not mention while preparing the quote
  • If the quote has been prepared over 3 months ago
  • If the work is bigger than the description provided before we visit your property

We charge a fixed two hours for site visits, at our hourly rate. If you accept the quote, and we start working for you, we will deduct it from the agreed price. This is only to protect our expertise and not compromise our site visits.

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