Smart Switch Installation

KAD Electricians team installing a smart light switch on a wall, connecting the electrical wiring carefully.

We properly evaluate your property and provide the required switches in the right place, so you are never forced to walk in the dark.

Some lights may require more than one switch. So, we can offer two-way, three-way, and four-way light switches with electrical wiring.

KAD Electricians is here to complete your projects and deal with any installation, repair or replacement required in accordance with current national wiring regulations. We also work on electric underfloor heating, solar panel installation, and electric vehicle charger installation.

Controlling lights at different locations can be very energy efficient but can be costly in terms of installation.

safety first! Upon arrival at the site, we will disconnect the power supply before starting any work.

Any concerns or questions before going ahead?

Switches installation are complex and numerous factors will be taken into consideration while working on your quote. Indeed, prices differ if we replace a light switch or light switch electrical wiring like-for-like, if we need to move or add a light switch, it also depends on the number of points of entry, the fact of adding a dimmer, and so on. It’s more economical to replace a number of light switches or plug sockets at once.

Choosing a dimmer switch rather than a conventional light switch will increase the cost. A chrome finish might also add a few extra pounds to the bill.

As electricity is a very hazardous area, we tend to work in pairs for safety reasons.

It costs about £75 to replace a light switch like-for-like.

To install a new light switch or move one to a new position, we will charge approximately £150 to £200. This includes all materials and replastering where necessary. Unlike a straightforward replacement, installing or moving a light switch is more complex. Indeed, it will generally involve additional wiring, tapping into existing cables, adding a new junction box, cutting into the wall and plasterwork. This explains the price.