KAD Electricians team held tools held by a rewiring a house.

The electrical wiring system throughout your property powers all your appliances, equipment, and lighting. Over time, the system and wiring will have to be upgraded.

Alarming signs could be anything from burning smells, flickering lights, regular electrical shocks, but also discoloured switches, blown fuses, outlet issues, and aluminium wiring.

Thanks to rewiring, your property will be safer, compliant with all building regulations, and also suitable for smart devices.

For full or partial rewires, for properties or commercial buildings, our NAPIT certified team will get it right from the start.

Any Concerns or Questions Before Going Ahead?

A KAD Electricians’ expert will remove all the electrical wiring in your property such as lights, sockets and switches and replace them with modern ones.

It definitely is, as it will increase the value of your property.

Rewiring should be covered by your home insurance, however, you will need to ask up to what extend. It should decrease your home insurance premium, and above all, protect you or your tenants against electrical accidents.

Yes, you can. Just bear in mind it will be noisy and messy Noisy because of chiselling and grinding channels in the walls, cutting and lifting floorboards, and sinking socket boxes. It is messy, as we must open walls to place cables. We will bring dust sheets to keep the disruptions to a minimum, and our job will be completed once we tidy everything.

This will vary depending on the size of the property and whether you stay in the house or not while we work. It usually takes between 4 days and a week for a 1-bedroom property and around 6 to 10 days for a 3-bedroom one, on average.

Our team will need to make holes to rewire your property. Before we start the work, we will ask you whether you would like us to redecorate for you, and we will adjust our quote accordingly.

Prices for full rewiring are based on your property size (number of bedrooms). Please contact us so we can give you a precise plan based on your needs.