Fuse Box Replacement

KAD Electricians team working on an electrical panel with wires, specifically a fuse box.
A fuse box is the core of your house electrical system. It distributes electricity within a building via multiple circuits.
It is an essential security feature in homes, offices, and buildings. Update it regularly so your electricity keeps working safely and properly in accordance with the latest regulations.
A faulty fuse box is hazardous, and in the worst case scenario, it can lead to death.

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your Fusebox?

Single-phase fuses in the OFF position, placed in the home fuse box, visible electric wires.one phas

Improve your electric system

This will instantly fix flickering lights and switches on any exposed wire.

Stop fuses from tripping

Enough experiencing fuses from tripping; let us reset your fuse box.

Man, an electrical technician working in a switchboard with fuses
Newly Installed Residential Building Fuses Box

Meet the latest regulations

As a landlord, ensure your fuse box complies with the latest regulations.

Any Concerns or Questions Before Going Ahead?

In any of the scenarios listed below, you have to check whether your electrical installation meets BS7671 requirements or it will not. Call us now to book an inspection. We will test all your systems and guarantee the safety of you and your tenants.
  1. You have an old fuse box with cast-iron switches and/or a wooden back.
  2. You don’t have provision for wiring buried within the walls, sockets, outlets, and circuits that could be plugged outdoors.
  3. You plan to build or renovate your building with additional wiring or new circuits.
  4. You rent out your property and your electrics are outdated.

It’s really important to tell. An old fuse box will have a series of fuses inside the fuse carrier. You can remove fuses manually, and replace them when they stop working.

  1. Make your home’s environment more safe, and protect yourself and people around you from electrical shocks or fires.
  2. Improve your overall electrical safety.
  3. Prevent electrical accidents.

For safety reasons, certified electricians like us will do this for you. While respecting building regulations, we will also issue a certificate for you too.

The cost depends on the type of consumer unit required, the number of circuits needed, and the state of your current installation. In most cases, prices vary between £400 to £550 for a more precise quote, please contact us.

It depends on the size of the building as well as the condition of the existing installation. It usually takes half a day.

First, it can put you or your tenants in dangerous situations. Financially, your tenants are entitled to sue you for civil damages. You will then risk resulting fines (£5,000 per non-compliant item). These can lead to invalidating your home insurance, up to six months in jail, and even a murder charge if there is a deceased person.

According to the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1985, all electrical equipment needs to be secured at the beginning of each lease and kept that way for the duration of the agreement.

Therefore, before renting or leasing a property in London, make sure you have a valid electrical certificate, a PAT certificate, and an EPC to avoid committing a criminal crime.

To give you a rough idea, Electrical Safety First recons there are approximately 20,000 accidental domestic fires of electrical origin yearly, in the UK. 46% of them would be caused by misuse, and 26% by faulty appliances and leads. A lot of fires would have been prevented with the right protection.