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27 Feb,2023

If you’re not an expert, how do you know when it’s time to replace the electrical panel in your home?

Here are a few things to look out for to determine if it’s time to replace your breaker panel.

Its Age:

Generally speaking, electrical panels need to be replaced every 25 to 40 years. Therefore, if you’re living in an older home, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll need to replace your breaker panel.

A good way to tell if your electrical panel is too old and needs to be updated is if your home doesn’t have an electrical panel at all, but instead has a fuse box. Fuse boxes are especially common in old homes, and typically don’t meet modern safety standards. Fuses are also far less convenient than circuit breaker panels; when a fuse blows, it needs to be completely replaced. On electrical panels, when a circuit switches off, you can just flip the breaker to turn it back on.

Scorch Marks or Other Physical Signs of Damage:

When you look at your electrical panel, do you see scorch marks anywhere, wisps of smoke, or any other signs of physical damage? If the answer is yes, this could be a sign of melted or damaged wires, which is a significant concern: a melted wire could send your entire house up into flames, putting lives at risk. As a homeowner, you have a responsibility to keep an eye out for such physical signs and to take action if you see such signs, unplug your devices and disconnect your power before calling an Emergency Electrician.

Burning Smell:

If you’re smelling a burning odour coming from the panel, that means you should be urgently replacing it. However, the first step in this situation is to act fast, turning off and unplugging all electrical equipment in the household. This is not something to take lightly so be sure to do this as soon as possible. After turning off and unplugging your devices, turn off the main power supply and call an electrician to come in and have a look at your system.


Be sure to look out for all of the signs above when determining if it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. If you notice any of them, it’s time to bring an electrician in to replace it. Maintaining this awareness will save you from potential hazards in the long run, improve the value of your home, and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


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